5-Step Guide to Setting Up a RLTY Space in 5 Minutes or Less

4 min readJul 10, 2023


If you haven’t heard, our no-code 3D experiences platform is live! In just 5 minutes — Fortune 500 companies, brands, artists, and web3 natives can design, build and launch their own immersive 3D space.

Whether you’re organizing concerts, art galleries, conferences, fashion shows, corporate events, or a gathering, RLTY has a suite of easy-to-use tools for every imaginable virtual experience.

This article will walk you through the 5 simple steps of creating a custom immersive 3D space in RLTY. Easy access, no need to download anything, just a click of a link: https://app.rlty.live/.

Setting Up Your RLTY Space

  1. Log in and click “Create a Space”

To simplify the experience, you can log in with your email, Google account, or wallet.

2. Choose your metaverse

Choose which metaverse you would like your space to live in. Of course, we recommend RLTY because of our extensive list of features and advantages.

3. Choose a Title for your event

Choose a title your invitees will love for months to come.

4. Choose the building that best fits your needs

There are different types of RLTY buildings to choose from. You should pick the one that best aligns with the events you will have within your space.

For example, RLTY’s Concert building can be effective for stage performances and audio-centric virtual experiences, whereas the Momentum Office building will be most effective for corporate meetings.

For a more exciting preview of our RLTY World, check out this RLTY World teaser video.

5. Finished! Your metaverse space was successfully created.

Now you can try out your space and mark your calendar to invite guests.

Before Your Space Goes Live

There are a few more features to consider for your 3D experience.

Your event is now scheduled, but before your event goes live, you have a few options and features to explore if you want to customize your space. We have outlined the most exciting features below.

Admins and Testers:

You can select up to 10 admins and testers before your event. Admin accounts can access the event before it starts and have additional rights inside the event. Testers can only access the event before it starts.

Public Information

Here you can add a description, display an image, and display a video your invitees will be able to see before they enter the space.

Custom Branding

Our builder has many different ways to make the space your own, which will vary depending on the building you choose.

You can upload your branding assets here under the “Space Configuration” tab. Depending on your selected building, there will be additional spaces for animated banners and branding assets.

Did you know you can upload your Ready Player Me avatar in RLTY?

NFT Minting Box

Also, under “Space Customization,” there is an option to add an NFT minting box allowing your attendees to mint an NFT of your choice.

Access Your Space Early

If you would like to access your space early to test out your custom branding or just look at the building before it goes live, you can do that by clicking “go to space” on the right side of the screen.

Need Some Help?

If you need any help or have a specific question about your space, use the “Chat with us” function on the left side panel. You can also check our RLTY help page here for more general questions.

Publish Your Space

After finishing your space configuration and setting up your payment method, you will be ready for your big day. Publish your event and share your unique link with your invitees; the countdown is on!

About RLTY

RLTY is a collective of Metaverse early adopters, contributing to this growing ecosystem with an infrastructure for building virtual events with a suite of easy-to-use tools. We partner with event organizers across all industries (Music, Arts, Conference, Fashion, Corporate).

The platform is leveraging the most advanced technologies to continually reimagine the boundaries of virtual worlds. Their commitment is to enhance the accessibility and experience across all Metaverse platforms.

RLTY was started in January 2022 by Raphaël Assouline (co-founder of Geronimo Agency) and Zack Sabban (co-founder of Festicket & Event Genius).

For more information, visit https://rlty.live/ and follow the regular updates on Linkedin, Twitter, Medium and Instagram.




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