6 Events You Can Have in the Metaverse

7 min readJun 14, 2022

If you’re reading this, we’re willing to bet you have an avatar and have looked around the meta options. You might be asking yourself, but what can I do in the metaverse? We’re here to tell you why you should pay attention to metaverse events.

The metaverse is still in its infancy, but a wide variety of event producers are already working on virtual events. The virtual world has advantages, unlimited attendance, lower cost, and a better environment. What events happen in the metaverse?

1. Conferences

Why have a conference in the metaverse?

Virtual conferences are probably the most popular use of metaverse events so far, and for good reason. The idea of an online conference is not new; keynote speaker presentations over video, or even audio only, have been happening for a long time now. Moving them to the metaverse is a natural progression. Conference organizers can save on venue costs, gather presenters from more parts of the world, create more immersive experiences, and sell more tickets to bring in more revenue. There are advantages for the attendees as well. They will have a more personalized experience, more access to networking, all while also saving time and money. For conference organizers and attendees alike, the metaverse is an easy sell. Even for those who cannot replace in person interactions, adding some metaverse events at a conference could be a huge value add for attendees.

Who’s Done Metaverse Art Fairs Well Already?

As you may have seen or just expected, major corporations have already started investing in metaverse conferences. If you are eager to check one out, you’re in luck because Europe’s leading metaverse conference will be taking place this week in Decentraland! Check it out here

2. Art Fairs

Why have an art fair in the metaverse?

Art fairs are a natural fit for the virtual event space. Have you ever been to a museum and gotten lost for hours, moving between rooms and floors in pure admiration (maybe not even knowing what you are looking at)?

An incredible experience, but getting to a city and museum where this can happen is a rare experience for most. In the metaverse, artists can create showrooms and museums for you to explore from the comfort of your home. Further, curators can build worlds with many spaces for artists to come to display at a fair or event.

Given the lower costs of the metaverse, artists can set up displays and get visibility for struggling artists. Artists can also display NFTs, which can be purchased in the metaverse. Do you want a private viewing so guests can network with each other? Easy in the metaverse. No venue capacity issues, so no lines are blocking your view.

Who’s Done Metaverse Art Fairs Well Already?

Since virtual art shows are a natural fit, we are not breaking any news here. Some big names have even tried their hand; Sotheby’s has a permanent space in Decentraland, and this September, famous Spanish artist Salvador Dalí will open an exhibition of more than 200 works.

3. Concerts

Why have a concert in the metaverse?

Music is another excellent fit for virtual event space. For organizers, venue and vendor costs and availabilities are the most significant stress points. In the metaverse, they don’t have to deal with those problems!

We are not arguing that virtual concerts are here to replace live music; that would be ridiculous. Instead, to provide a different experience that can’t be provided in a traditional setting. Fans get to move freely and interact with each other, something that anyone who’s ever been to a crowded concert knows is impossible.

Everyone gets the best viewing experience, a front-row seat for all. It allows people who can’t go to the show live, whether that barrier is geographical or physical ability. Fans can receive virtual proof of attendance and access unique digital merch and wearables. Artists and fans are notable for hosting and attending digital concerts.

Who’s Done Metaverse Concerts Well Already?

Names like Travis Scott and Marshmello have already had multiple concerts. At the end of last summer, Ariana Grande had a concert attended by over 27 million virtual fans. The numbers are staggering; artists have and will continue to take notice.

4. Movies: Film Festivals and Premiers

Why show a film in the metaverse?

Similar advantages regarding venue and cost apply here, but having movie premiers in the metaverse presents even more opportunities for experiences that aren’t possible in person. First, you can sell as many tickets as you’d like. Because of the customizability, organizers can choose to have movies available on-demand within the premier. So attendees could even watch some, pause to network or look around, and return to the film.

Organizers can also gate certain venue areas to payments or VIPs if they’d like. The virtual world allows fans unique access to filmmakers if they want to do live Q&A or have 1-on-1 conversations. Even more remarkable — filmmakers could use such an event for fundraising to finish the movie, recover costs, or make another via selling tickets, NFTs, and merch. Meanwhile, you can participate from your couch as if it were another night of Netflix.

Who’s Done Films in the Metaverse Already?

Now that you mention it, we have! RLTY hosted Cannes’s First NFT Movie Festival in the Metaverse, which you can read more about here. Check out the clip below for a little preview.

5. Graduation Ceremonies

Why have a graduation ceremony in the metaverse?

Graduation ceremonies are a less obvious use case, but that doesn’t mean less exciting. Most people reading this post will have been a part of or attended at least a few graduations. For some things, they are landmark occasions, the culmination of years of hard work, and maybe the last time to see some close friends together for a while. A virtual version shouldn’t replace these.

The Metaverse is an excellent option for graduations, training, short classes, and online courses. Some things are worth celebrating, even if they aren’t worth the cost of setting up graduation for the institution and all its attendees.

Virtual attendees can also participate in networking, play games, and receive gifts. As we’ve mentioned throughout this post, virtual events can bring together people from all over the world who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get together.

For example, if you just finished an online course about winemaking, wouldn’t you want to meet and talk to some of the others in your class, just for fun or networking? But maybe that opportunity isn’t worth a week of your vacation time and the cost to travel to France for an in-person ceremony? Boom! Metaverse ceremony.

Who’s Done Metaverse Graduations Well Already?

One example we like has been Carnegie Melon University and LG. They partner on a software certification program, and last year LG built a virtual world to hold a graduation ceremony in, and students even got to walk across a stage and all.

6. Product Launch

Why have a product launch in the metaverse?

Product launches are another slightly less obvious use of digital event space but potentially the easiest to put together on this list. A metaverse product launch has some great benefits for the company presenting; it increases company awareness, pins up interest in the product, strengthens loyalty with your customers, and you can even sell it right from the event.

Since the metaverse is getting so much attention, a product launch may also garner free publicity because doing it in the metaverse is cool (a real “meta” benefit, eh?). But seriously, a meta product launch is a great way to create an extraordinary event out of something that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Not everyone is apple and gets to do product launches with the whole tech world watching.

But we’re talking to you small brands who were just planning to send out a newsletter announcement. Why not plan a metaverse product launch to get more eyes on you and the product you just built?

Who’s Done Metaverse Product Launches Well Already?

Of course, we aren’t the first ones to think of this. Major brands such as Samsung, Nike, and Wendy’s have entered the space.

With the amount of opportunity for event organizers and attendees alike, metaverse events are here to stay. Exciting, right? Ready to jump in an event right now?? So are we.

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