7 challenges the metaverse solves for every event organizer

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“The top reasons for hosting events are to provide education and training (43%), bring the community together (30%), build business relationships (29%), and raise brand awareness (20%). A further 19% run events to generate a profit through ticket sales.” — Eventbrite,

You’re an event organizer, what’s your biggest challenge? Choosing the right venue? Tracking KPIs? Or is it networking facilities, weather, unreliable speakers, too many guests, too few guests, PR, ticketing? Some come with the territory, others surprise your meticulous planning with unwanted chaos. What if we told you they can all be removed, improved, avoided or refined by taking your event to the metaverse?

Tracking KPIs

You can replace the guesswork of real life events with precise data in the metaverse. You can access and analyze real time information on attendees, engagement, spending, conversion and where visitors are spending time in the event (and, more importantly, where they aren’t). Understanding your visitor behaviour has never been easier.

Having excellent Networking facilities

What’s the number one reason for going to a corporate event? It’s not the sandwiches, it’s networking. A metaverse event gives your visitors opportunities for building working relationships the real world can’t compete with. They can make connections quicker and with more people from all over the world. And if they don’t feel the connection, they can move on swiftly and quietly.

But sometimes your guests don’t want to move on: they want to sign a deal. Only there isn’t a quiet, private space to negotiate. In the metaverse, infinite audio and visual channels are available for those delicate matters. Your guests will thank you for it.

Confidence is the biggest obstacle many face to building a bigger network. Networking in the metaverse has none of the stage fright. It gives people confidence. And that can then be taken into real life and that next face-to-face meeting. Again, your guests will thank you for it.

Choosing the right venue

As with networking, metaverse event organizers have the freedom and creative tools to build venues for their event in a way that real life events can’t replicate. Holding your event under the sea or on a desert island may sound ridiculous, but not if your company sells surfboards, wetsuits, boats, scuba gear or coconut water. Hosting a team building event on a New York backstreet from the 1980s may sound silly, but not if you’re Nike or Def Jam.

Speakers that cancel at the last minute

Speakers are demanding, expensive and always have last minute excuses for a no-show. They tell you the airport is closed, or they had problems with their Visa. Now they can tell you Covid is to blame. Speakers canceling last minute can turn a well-oiled event into a fiasco.

If a speaker cancels at your metaverse event, no problem. You can have a replacement call in from anywhere in the world, instantly. And because you don’t have to pay for travel and accommodation, it’s cheaper than a real life event speaker.

Managing Budget

“41.5% of event professionals are willing to pay up to $5,000 for virtual event tech.”

Venue, app, catering, speakers, advertising, entertainment, security, staff…outgoings are endless, you know the deal.

Hold your next event in the metaverse and you have an immediate, digital solution to both tracking and cutting expenses. And it gets better. Because many of the real life expenses are removed (staff, security, transport etc.), resources can be funneled into the areas of your event that matter most to visitors — networking, talks and learning.

Sustainable event management

59% of respondents felt environmental responsibility significantly impacted their events in 2020.”

The weather is an unpredictable outlier that could make all of your hard work irrelevant. Even in Europe — as this year’s record heat waves have demonstrated — if you hold an outdoor event, you’re at the mercy of high pressure systems over the Atlantic.

It doesn’t rain in the metaverse (well, it does, but you don’t get wet). And heat isn’t a problem.

Do you truly want to lower carbon emissions and offer a more sustainable event? Metaverse events offer real, long-term solutions.

No event will ever remove all emissions — and it takes considerable energy to run computers. But metaverse events use considerably less energy than their real life counterparts. This virtual conference produced 66 times less emissions than it would have in real life. And they have the data to prove it.

Getting Sponsorship

“Sponsorships are the primary source of virtual event revenue for 23% of planners.” (EventMB, 2020)

Brands are fighting over themselves to sponsor events in the metaverse. Hundreds are joining every week, working on leveraging IP and breaking out of the confines of real life events that have been decimated by the pandemic. They could be fighting over your brand.

The metaverse gives brands that would struggle to get sponsorship in the real world the opportunity to have their choice of partnerships. Demand outstrips supply. Your event can take advantage of this imbalance.


Hold your next event in the metaverse and you’ll have new opportunities for creativity, risk mitigation and sponsorship. You’ll have access to new and larger audiences and experiences. Your event will be more sustainable and cheaper. You’ll save time, have more flexibility and be able to track your event more efficiently.

Which raises the question: Why isn’t your event in the metaverse?

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