7 compelling reasons a metaverse event is better than a real life event

5 min readFeb 22, 2023


“Let’s go to the International Conference on dentistry.”

The words every friend dreads to hear.

“I’d rather go to a restaurant. Or clay pigeon shooting,” you say. “The new Jordan Peele movie is out. Wouldn’t you rather go to the cinema?”

Sadly, it’s not your turn to choose.

Fact: There are over 1.8 million annual trade shows, events and conventions in America alone.

The food is lousy, there’s nowhere to park, you can’t find a quiet place to sign your next billion dollar deal, it’s usually freezing, raining or 109 degrees in the shade, you have to queue for everything and the entertainment sucks.

It costs your company and it costs the planet:

“It turns out the travel I took — just for conferences — accounted for about 20% of my entire household’s carbon footprint.”

7— Transport

Your boss wants to see your face on the world stage. LinkedIn isn’t enough. They send you to The Paris Finance Symposium.

The adventure begins with an 8-hour flight to Charles de Gaulle. Next you take the RER to Gare du Nord and queue for a metro (you didn’t want to see the Louvre anyway). You have to stop at Les Halles to get on the RER to Fontainebleau. Lastly, you take a bus and a five minute walk to the entrance. But have forgotten why you’re there.

The only winner is your carbon footprint.

Traveling to events and meetings = time.

Time = money.

How much money?

“The U.S. Travel Association says U.S. companies alone in 2017 spent about $154 billion hosting or having their employees attend meetings that required spending on travel. That’s equal to about 42.5% of the nearly $372 spent that year on all types of business travel in the United States.” — Forbes

Metaverse events are better than real life events because they remove the logistical nightmare of traveling. There is no public transport in the metaverse. You don’t have to take a bus, you don’t have to charge your Oyster card. You don’t have to set your alarm for 3 a.m. and get a taxi to the airport for eight hundred bucks. They also cut carbon emissions and could save companies $154 billion annually.

The hidden costs of events. Only 3 more days to go. Then the 7-hour trip home.

6 — Price & opportunity cost

You’ve spent €900 getting to the Financial Symposium. Your boss didn’t authorize the ticket, so that’s another €300. You spend €40 on biscuits, €17 on coffee and €78 on cold spaghetti and a tomato with an egg in it on day one. It’s a 5-day event.

“My advice — in general, I would budget at least $1,000 to attend a small business conference.” — Sylvia Inks (smi financial coaching)

Back at home the cost of the babysitter is spiraling like a Premier League wage bill. You haven’t slept for two days and your anxiety is flourishing.

Metaverse events are cheaper than real life events. And that makes them better. In case you hadn’t heard, money isn’t worth as much as it once was.

5 — The weather

The average high temperature for Chicago in January is -1. Luton, Juneau, Nantes, Helsinki and Carfiff aren’t suntraps. In January it’s freezing in Paris. In March it’s raining. There is no good month for a real life event.

But blockchain is exotic. And so, often, are the events. Florida, the Bahamas, Tahiti and Hawaii. Pushed out onto the coral reefs of the most distant Indian Ocean islands for prestige and easy access. You live in Skegness. 23 degrees causes you to faint. The ice caps are melting, you’re not helping matters by jetting around the world attending real life events.

Save money, travel in style (to your living room) and avoid bad weather with a metaverse event.

Cost per attendee in the North American meetings industry as of April 2019 (in U.S. dollars)


It’s said that if two Brits stand together a queue forms behind them. Real life events have the same genetic makeup.

You queue to get in, queue for a ticket, queue to hang your coat (and your umbrella, cagoule, poncho, gloves, hat, scarf), queue to attend a talk, queue for the toilet, for food, for meet-and-greets. You stand at booths as you wait for the host to finish drawing a map for the people in front of you because they are lost.

Do you know where there is no queuing? In the metaverse.

3 — Lousy food

You queued so long you missed the dinner queue. Hurrah. You think you have found a cheat code for life. You post it on Instagram. You, no queue. #yolo. There’s no queue. There’s no food either.

2 — Parking

How many real life events are within walking distance of your house? Of your work? Unless you live in the Millenium Dome, not many.

Most people drive to events. They have to park the car. Only there are no parking spaces. In the metaverse you can travel to your event in the batmobile with Snoop Dogg, then dump your car where you like.

1 — Lousy entertainment

Speaking of Snoop Dogg. When was the last time you had great entertainment at your event? Who played the Xerox Pittsburg Photocopy Symposium? Who played the Gatwick Pipe Show?

Metaverse events are like the Emmys, the MTV Music Awards and the Oscars rolled into one. You have to choose between Shawn Mendes and Drake. Avatars of Arianna Grande and Dua Lipa will be flying to your metaverse event on flying carpets commissioned by Nike and Clone-X.

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