7 Tips to Maximize Attendee Engagement in Your No-Code Metaverse Experience

4 min readMay 30, 2023


Metaverse events are becoming more popular around the world. But like any new industry or technology, it can be difficult for artists and brands to maximize attendee engagement and create immersive experiences for their audiences.

As a metaverse events company that has thrown successful events for global organizations like World of Women and BPIFrance, RLTY knows as much as anyone how to throw memorable experiences online.

In this article, we’re sharing 7 tips and best practices to help brands maximize attendee engagement for their metaverse events.

Define your metaverse event goals and objectives

The number one way to ensure a successful metaverse event is to set clear goals. Determine what you want to achieve from hosting. Before planning your event, define your goals and objectives.

Are you looking to create a meaningful experience for existing community members or attract new customers? Do you want to educate your attendees or encourage social interactions?

Understanding what you want to achieve from the event and what metrics you should use will help organize the planning process and ensure the best outcome. If your goal is to increase brand awareness, you may want to focus on the number of attendees, the duration of their visit, and their engagement with your brand.

During RLTY’s French Touch event, we understood how longer user sessions would equate to more engaging speaking sessions. So we focused on creating an experience that encouraged longer login time so they had a chance to hear from speakers. If people stayed longer after logging in, we extrapolated that the speaker performed well.

Walk through your user journey

Imagine you’re an attendee, and this is your first metaverse event. Curating a simple and easy user journey is crucial to the success of your metaverse event. Consider the features of your event space, the accessibility, and compatibility with your brand.

With RLTY, you can customize your event space to cater to your audience and build an experience that optimizes your event goals.

Watch RLTY Teaser

At the Clinique des Champs Elysées event, we aimed to create a compelling virtual experience to educate people about medical health.

Create an immersive metaverse experience

Metaverse events are all about creating immersive experiences for attendees.

You can achieve this by incorporating interactive features like live streaming, virtual tours, and games. Consider creating a virtual booth where attendees can interact with your brand and learn more about your products and services.

RLTY enables NPC interactions, quizzes & mini-games, treasure hunts, vip areas, POAP activations, media galleries, and more.

Leverage social media to boost metaverse attendance and participation

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting your metaverse event and engaging with attendees. Use social media to create buzz around your event and encourage attendees to share their experiences with their networks.

Consider using hashtags and social media contests to increase engagement. During our World of Women x The Fabricant event, RLTY ran a best-dressed contest on Twitter and encouraged participants to screenshot their avatar’s metaverse outfit in exchange for a grand prize.

This increased our impressions to attract more attendees and gave existing participants a reason to get excited about the event.

Provide value for attendees, run contests

Just like in the example of the best-dressed contest, metaverse event attendees are more likely to engage with your brand if you provide them with value. The technology is still early enough that we can consider anyone actively participating in metaverse events to be an “early adopter.” Give them a reason to stay and reward them for their participation.

Consider offering exclusive discounts, giveaways (like in the case of The Fabricant, we gave away free NFT wearables), and access to premium content. You can also offer educational resources such as webinars or workshops that attendees can participate in.

Interact with your guests

Engaging with attendees is crucial to the success of your metaverse event. Every event should have a dedicated support team to respond to attendees’ questions and concerns in real time. You can also use chatbots and NPCs to provide automated responses and support.

In past events, the RLTY team has walked around our virtual spaces to answer any questions and share relevant information to ensure everyone is on the same page and having a good time.

Don’t expect your guests to jump in and figure out what to do immediately — you should treat them like any other customer experience IRL. Would you enter a shoe store and expect to try a shoe on yourself? The same principle holds true in a metaverse environment.

Measure your success

After your metaverse event, it’s essential to measure your success and identify areas for improvement. Analyze the metrics you defined earlier and gather feedback from attendees. Use this information to optimize your future events and improve attendee engagement.

How many guests attended? What features did they use? How long were they active? Did they follow any call to action?

Some of our favorite metrics include total attendees, unique visitors, and average session length. These numbers give us a good overview of how many people came out, how many people stayed, and how many people participated.

With a little planning, brands can create unforgettable experiences for their metaverse event attendees and build lasting relationships with their audiences.

RLTY is building the metaverse one event at a time. If you would like yours to be next, contact us here: www.rlty.live




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