Cryptopunk City: The Immersive Space Designed by RLTY for the Cryptopunk Birthday Celebration

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THE METAVERSE, 22 JUNE, 2023. Immersive 3D experience builder RLTY designed a fully customized virtual space to celebrate Cryptopunk’s 6th birthday

“Cryptopunk City” includes an interactive stage for speakers, an NFT shop, an art gallery, and many more surprises.

In a RLTY world, there’s always plenty of things to keep guests entertained. To kick things off, the immersive 3D Cryptopunk city will showcase a live talk show, similar to a Twitter Space, for any punk holder to speak. The birthday party will feature live musical performances from Tangpoko and the Babydolls, plus a scavenger hunt with rare prizes.

CryptoPunks Birthday Party — Save The Date

How to Participate in the Cryptopunk Birthday Party

The party is not limited to Cryptopunks holders. Anyone is welcome to join the party and celebrate with the Cryptopunks community on their special day!

If you are a Cryptopunk holder and would like your punk featured at the party, please let us know by signing up here.

Key Event Details:

Date: June 22, 2023

Start Time: 5pm CET


Capacity: 500

Access: This Event is Public

Post-event Access: Cryptopunk Holders Only‍

Cryptopunks Birthday Party

Want to Win a Cryptopunk?

Yes, you read that correctly — you can win a Cryptopunk. Cryptopunk #2672, to be exact. How? By participating in a project called The Lost Wallet.

Win Cryptopunk #2672

The Lost Wallet is a 24-week treasure hunt through different metaverse spaces. Each week, a different word of the seed phrase is revealed to those who complete the quest.

Once you collect all 24 words, one lucky winner can unlock The Lost Wallet — containing Cryptopunk #2672, among other NFTs. But don’t wait to start playing — there will be more immersive games and life-changing prizes revealed along the way.

Expect More Virtual Community Parties

With the rise of NFTs and blockchain technology, there is a fast-growing number of digitally-native communities.. 3D spaces offer immersive and engaging features that give active communities more tangible ways to celebrate together.

Unlike traditional birthday parties limited by physical locations, metaverse events have the advantage of global accessibility. Virtual worlds allow these groups to customize their environments, avatars, and activities to reflect their preferences and interests — at a much cheaper cost than a real-life event would.

Attendees can participate in virtual games, interactive presentations, live performances, and other entertainment options designed for a virtual environment.

Virtual worlds offer exciting possibilities to create memorable and unique birthday celebrations, bringing people together in a way that wasn’t possible until now. RLTY stands at the forefront of this new era of human interconnectivity.

About RLTY

RLTY is a no-code platform that simplifies the creation of 3D immersive spaces in the virtual world. RLTY partners with communities, influencers and creators to to interact, network, collaborate, entertain, showcase, or just hang.

RLTY partners with communities to host live concerts, art galleries, conferences, celebrations and even fashion shows, all taking place in an immersive virtual environment able to experience from anywhere in the world.

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About Cryptopunks

10,000 unique collectible characters with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The project that inspired the modern CryptoArt movement. CryptoPunks are one of the earliest and most iconic examples of “Non-Fungible Tokens” minted on Ethereum, and were the inspiration for the ERC-721 standard standard which powers most digital art and collectibles on-chain.

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