How Community Managers Can Leverage Virtual Events

5 min readJun 29, 2023


Consumers today are overloaded with content. In an increasingly competitive media landscape, community managers struggle to engage their audience and keep the conversation alive. We see it all the time. “Product works well when there is a community to activate” (that´s a real quote).

As we run through 2023, community managers must prioritize new and creative strategies that foster connection and growth for their most loyal people. You can’t play the same playbook as five years ago and expect different results.

Well, we have an idea for you… 3D immersive experiences. 3D virtual events are a unique way to offer more interconnectivity between community members — providing a dynamic branded environment that you can fully control and customize.

Think of your own custom, permanent, branded 3D RLTY space operating like an all-in-one website-Twitter-Discord-Zoom.

Here’s how you should think about it.

Someone visits your website and gets to walk and talk with other concurrent page visitors. What if they could create their own media, forums, and chat rooms in this virtual space? That’s exactly what RLTY is doing for some of the best community managers in the world, and you can do the same in minutes (and with zero code).

This article explores how community managers can leverage virtual events to activate their brand and create immersive experiences for customers, followers, and fans.

What should community managers prioritize in 2023?

2023 is all about value. The consumer has the leverage now, and brands must win their favor.

Community managers should prioritize creating memorable experiences that resonate with their target audience. Modern consumers seek more than just a transactional relationship with a brand; they crave genuine connections and a sense of belonging.

Prioritize community-building initiatives to foster deeper engagement, enhance loyalty, and advocate for your audience in a culturally relevant and interesting way.

Virtual events are a great way to find that deeper connection you can’t get on a static screen.

RLTY’s virtual world builder is more than just a place to explore and observe. Community members can engage directly with unique brand experiences, interact with each other, and make transactions on web pages — all without leaving the world.

Create an immersive experience for your community — guide users through a product journey over audio or video — learn about your customer in real-time. All in a controlled environment where you decide how much power you want to give your guests.

RLTY spaces are perfect for webinars, AMAs, meet-and-greets, product education, product launches, hang outs and more.

How virtual events help grow online communities

Virtual events provide a unique opportunity for brand community managers to connect with their audience in a dynamic and immersive way.

We’re taking Twitter Spaces, and Discord voice chats a step further with custom 3D avatars and spatial awareness that changes the speaking volume as you move.

Why not host IRL? For starters, we all know marketing budgets are limited in 2023. Virtual events are cheaper, more accessible, and scale faster. You can set up a custom event in minutes and drive the same results as a $40K happy hour bill at an NYC rooftop.

Needless to say, traditional physical events are bound by their location. Virtual events truly break down geographical barriers and enable participation from a global audience.

RLTY offers a range of interactive features for virtual events, from live streaming and geospatial voice/video areas to one-on-one chat, allowing attendees to engage directly with fellow community members in a way that’s best for your brand.

Brands who are killing it in the virtual event space

Countless companies and household brands have recognized the immense potential of virtual events and successfully leveraged them to engage and activate their communities.


Nike released its digital-first community, .SWOOSH, earlier this year. It has since generated much hype in the space.

What we like about Nike: Their campaigns are authentic and merge simple IRL use cases with virtual assets and experiences. Nike fostered an online community FOMOing every new event or drop. But not because of 1990s Jordan Nike. This brand extends beyond its traditional reputation. Nike is creating a spin-off, digitally-native brand worthy of its own merit. More Big Brands should take note.


The parent company behind Louis Vuitton and Dior, LVMH is pioneering the virtual event space for major brands in fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle.

What we like about LVHM: There are many reasons to highlight LVMH. Where do we start?

By establishing themselves as a technology-forward company from the early days of web3 and metaverse trends, they can now afford to take risks in a way other similar brands cannot.

In one of their recent activations, LVMH joined forces with Epic Games (the legendary Unreal Engine + Fortnite ppl) to create immersive customer experiences. Another first-of-its-kind move, the powerful partnership highlights another win for the digital-first retail space, and we expect virtual shopping to only grow and become more relevant and valuable for consumers in the coming years.

How you can use RLTY to host your next event

RLTY provides brand community managers a comprehensive toolkit to create and launch immersive virtual events.

With RLTY, you can customize your virtual space — integrating images, videos, and links that align with your brand identity. Our platform ensures privacy and security by incorporating features like NFTs, email authentication, wallet integration, and domain whitelist.

RLTY also offers ready-to-use features, like integrated Ready Player Me Avatars, facilitating personalized experiences for attendees. The global chat and one-on-one chat features enable real-time interaction, fostering meaningful connections within the community.

Integrated Ready Player Me Avatars on RLTY

Moreover, the platform supports live streaming, NFT minting, e-commerce website integration, geospatial voice, video/camera areas, and admin features like live polls and cross-metaverse teleporters.

One of the most valuable aspects of RLTY is its CRM capabilities, allowing you to gather essential data and analytics about your event attendees. By capturing details such as email addresses, session times, and more, you can refine your marketing strategies and enhance future event planning based on valuable insights.

Virtual events open up new possibilities for community management

As brand community managers strive to build thriving online communities, virtual events have emerged as a powerful tool for engagement and activation. By embracing the possibilities offered by platforms like RLTY, community managers can create unforgettable experiences that foster genuine connections, inspire loyalty, and drive brand advocacy.

As we venture further into the digital age, virtual events will continue to play a pivotal role in brand community management, and those who embrace this trend will undoubtedly reap the rewards of a vibrant and thriving community.




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