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First in France: Entourage collects donations in the metaverse!

A year ago, the metaverse welcomed its first homeless person, Will, to alert people to the isolation of the most vulnerable and to encourage everyone to reconnect with the most vulnerable. Because in the virtual world, as in real life, it is important to be surrounded by people, Will will be blowing out his candles on 12 April during the very first fundraising event of a French association, Entourage, in the metaverse. Happy meta-birthday Will!

A virtual experience for a very real fight

Last year there were 300,000 of them, this year there are 330,000. In France, precariousness is a reality and the number of homeless people is increasing. With 5.2% inflation in 2022, more and more French people find themselves in a very vulnerable position. More than 4 million people are said to be poorly housed in France.

And in the wake of precariousness, loneliness inevitably grows: 15% of people on low incomes say they feel isolated, twice as many as those on high incomes. 83% of homeless people say they feel rejected by passers-by and only 26% of French people say they talk to rough sleepers. To reverse this spiral, social ties and human warmth are essential.

This is why Entourage wants to offer excluded people a community that supports them and helps them to look forward. Their names are Elina, Eric, Ange or Ahmed. Some of them have been on the street, all of them have experienced economic insecurity and relational isolation, but with Entourage they have above all met new people, like 55% of the men and women accompanied by the association. These encounters are life-changing, as 72% say they want to do new things, and 47% have even proactively resumed their integration efforts.

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Inoculating the virus of generosity

120 billion dollars have already been invested in the metaverse. This virtual and immersive world, considered to be the future version of the Internet, is gradually emerging in our lives. According to studies, a quarter of the world’s population will spend at least an hour a day in the metaverse by 2026. By 2030, it is even estimated that the metaverse market will be worth $5 trillion, equivalent to the world’s third largest economy behind the United States and China.

Web 3 continues to develop and Entourage intends to make it an ally of the good cause. In an increasingly disconnected world, virtual isolation is not inevitable. By reconnecting the virtual world to the reality of the most vulnerable, the Entourage network is counting on technology to recreate social ties and solidarity in real life. Transmitting generosity into the metaverse is the goal of this unprecedented donation drive.

A birthday of solidarity

To celebrate his first birthday, Will, the first homeless person in the metaverse, is inviting the virtual world to join Entourage’s action to put an end to the isolation and indifference that people in precarious situations suffer every day. And for this virtual experience to have a real impact, no balloons, cakes or gifts. For his birthday, nothing would please Will more than a donation, in euros or cryptocurrency, or the purchase of NFT* “I am Will” wearables to help Entourage take care of those who need it most on the ground.

Alongside Will, participants in the “Meet Will, Help Entourage” event will be invited to meet these invisible people: exchanges with the association’s speakers, with members of the Street Committee who were or still are homeless.

Course of the events

  • 6.30pm: Start of the event in the central arena allowing time for everyone to connect and get to know Will who will welcome participants and introduce the event. Jean-Marc Potdevin, President and Founder of Entourage will speak and launch the event alongside Will.

> Sales of the I’M WILL NFT wearable collection to benefit the association.

> “The street and you: the quiz” awareness workshop and Q&A with Clémence Dromer from Entourage and Eric Devillers, member of the association’s Street Committee.

> Discovery of the Entourage members’ portrait gallery.

  • From 7pm: A meeting for an immersion in the streets of Paris with Elina Dumont, member of the association’s Street Committee and Julie Pléven from Entourage.

The event will be broadcasted live on RLTY, a partner platform of the association and entirely dedicated to the realization of events in the metaverse.

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In March 2022, the Entourage network and its agency TBWA/Paris are striking a blow by sending Will, a homeless person into the metaverse, a world first. A true spokesperson for the most excluded, Will questions this horizon of a society of virtual social links, and invites each of us to take care of the most precarious in real life.


Created in 2014, the Entourage association’s mission is to engage everyone in support networks with the most excluded, thanks to positive technology. Its community of 152,000 citizens with and without homelessness acts in particular via the Entourage Network, a social, truly social network. The application allows each citizen to meet the homeless people in his or her neighbourhood, and gives way to human relationships.


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