Metaverse Fashion Recap: RLTY x The Fabricant x World of Women Event

3 min readOct 24, 2022


The future of fashion is digital. A closer look at what we learned from one week engulfed in metaverse fashion.

Thanks to The Fabricant and World of Women for making this event so special and bringing nothing but good vibes to the metaverse fashion world.

Let’s take a collective breath and take a recap of the best metaverse fashion event of 2022. After a week of meeting so many game-changing players in the space, we will also share some of our thoughts on the future of digital fashion through the lens of virtual events.

Digital avatars from around the world

The three-day event represented all walks of life, with thousands of attendees worldwide jumping into Decentraland throughout the week. From dancing to runway walking, we saw designers, builders, artists, and fashion enthusiasts come together to share ideas and learn from each other in a budding fashion tech industry.

Our Twitter design contest, led by the Fabricant, got 100+ participants. We received some impressive entries that exceeded our expectations, so it was tough to pick a winner. Congratulations to K3, Supernina, and SUNO on some magazine-worthy photos and outfits.

The Fabricant x World Women takeover metaverse fashion

Shout out to The Fabricant and World of Women teams, particularly special guests like Anna Dart and Adriana Hoppenbrouwer-Pereira of the Fabricant, Christine Theriot of BFF, and Diani-Luk Y. of World of Women for making the event so memorable.

The Fabricant is working on so many fascinating projects, it’s hard to keep up. And World of Women just keep bringing amazing campaigns and utility for their community.

Virtual events like the WoW Fashion event present countless new opportunities for industry leaders to connect without having to be in a physical location. Plus, attendees who want to hear from speakers and share ideas may not have the availability or resources to meet in person.

At RLTY, we understand how digital landscapes allow us to collaborate and form deeper relationships in places never possible before. With a more diverse range of people to connect with, events like last week offer more interesting and enriching conversations than one-way live streams on social media or webinar calls on Zoom.

A reflection of Synth Ave, the Fashion Metaverse HQ

Synth Ave wasn’t built in a day. RLTY worked around the clock to create a virtual experience worth remembering. The colossal fashion metaverse headquarters included pop-up shops from leading digital fashion brands and a massive screen for in-depth conversations and panel discussions.

We see fashion brands using the metaverse to connect with their community and prospective buyers. By creating virtual spaces for community members to interact with each other, brands can use interactive and dynamic virtual reality experiences to

  • build hype on upcoming drops
  • sneak preview releases
  • connect and get feedback from customers
  • showcase past work
  • network and socialize
  • offer rewards, discounts, and incentives

The Future of the Fashion Metaverse

As we touched on above, this week got us thinking about the future of fashion technology and the role of the metaverse in growing fashion across the world.

Sure, Decentraland has its limitations. And the technology has a long way to go before it rivals online shopping experiences from big retailers like Amazon.

With that said, thousands of participants were eager to try out something new. Even without the perfect user experience, thousands of people stuck around and were patient enough to try and make it work. And we think that is significant in the broader perspective of adopting new technologies like the open metaverse.

If users are willing to bear with the cumulative beta version of metaverse technology, we can only imagine what mass adoption might look like as platforms constantly improve their UX/UI.

The fashion world has been quick to adopt web3 as a way to engage more creatively with consumers. And we at RLTY think they (as an industry) will benefit greatly from that foresight in the coming years.

Looking to host your next IRL or digital event in the metaverse? Contact us at RLTY to learn how.




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