RLTY Partners with Web3 Mega-Event NFT Expoverse to Bring Revolutionary Los Angeles Event to the Metaverse

4 min readJul 8, 2022


“The demand and popularity for IRL Web3 and NFT events to have sister events in the metaverse continues to explode. ”

LA & The Metaverse, 9th July, 2022,

Metaverse events builder RLTY has announced a groundbreaking partnership with US-based NFT Expoverse to bring its three day Los Angeles based NFT exhibition to the Metaverse. The event will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center AND simultaneously in Decentraland from the 29th to 31st July 2022. Tickets are on sale now.

With Luna, Crypto.com, Niftify, CryptoBlades, Ripple, and the Cardano Defi Alliance, NFT Expoverse is partnered with some of the biggest names in blockchain and entertainment and has a list of speakers to cover all the most exciting, intriguing and controversial developments in Web3.

John Kraski, Jasmine Cooper, Darcy Donovan and speakers from Meta, Veve, Alethea AI, Mint and Geojam will be exploring the creator economy, how Web2 brands can transition to Web3, blockchain investments, avatars, the Metaverse, the future of DeFi, DAO, digital art, crypto taxes, fractionalization, VR, AR, AI and a whole lot more besides.

You can see the full list of speakers here.

If 200 expert speakers wasn’t enough, entrepreneurs, creators and NFT enthusiasts will have the opportunity to make powerful networking connections to fund and build their web3 projects, learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency and test the latest immersive experiences for themselves.

“Everyone at NFT Expoverse is thrilled to have RLTY as our official metaverse partner. Their metaverse events always capture the right spirit and atmosphere. It’s going to be incredible to welcome visitors from around the globe to our corner of Los Angeles in the metaverse.”Zachary Bader, partner at NFT Expoverse

NFT Expoverse will be an event not to be missed. But what if you can’t get to Los Angeles in the height of summer? That is where RLTY and Decentraland come in. RLTY are the metaverse event builders, with their suite of easy-to-use virtual event creation tools, financial and geographical barriers are no longer a consideration. Visitors from Europe, Asia and the rest of the world can descend on NFT Exposure in the Decentraland metaverse for free.

As their first event in the huge and lucrative US market, NFT Expoverse marks a monumental step in the RLTY roadmap and means they are now playing in the same metaverse league as SXSW, Coachella and Warner Brothers Music, all of who have hosted virtual events for millions.

With popularity soaring and global IPs and brands making the step into web3 and the metaverse, hosting such a large event on American virtual soil means RLTY’s services will be in high demand going forward.

“We’re so excited to be bringing NFT Expoverse to Decentraland. Investors and digital natives from around the world want to be at these exhibitions; finding projects, learning about web3, blockchain and the future of entertainment. Using our tools in the metaverse gives them the opportunity.” Zack Sabban, Co-founder RLTY

The Metaverse NFT Expoverse Experience

RLTY will be showcasing the power of its metaverse building tools for NFT Expoverse. Visitors will experience a fully customized building created exclusively for the event.a conference room where all the talks from the main stage in Los Angeles will be streamed live.

Further floors in the ambitious building will house an NFT art gallery curated by NFT Expoverse and, most exciting of all, a specially designed rooftop bar with entertainment and networking areas.

About RLTY

RLTY is a collective of metaverse early adopters contributing to the growing metaverse ecosystem by building easy-to-use, codeless infrastructure tools which brands and events can use to build virtual spaces in any of the leading metaverse platforms.Committed to bringing metaverse Events to the mainstream, RLTY partners with event organizers across music, arts, conference, fashion, and business, their goal is to onboard as wide and diverse an audience as possible to virtual experiences and events in the Metaverse.

For more information, please visit https://rlty.live/ and follow the regular updates on Linkedin, Twitter, Medium and Instagram.

About NFT Expoverse

NFT Expoverse is the biggest blockchain expo where entrepreneurs, creators, and enthusiasts gather to expand their projects and network with the top experts in crypto, Defi, dApps, Web 3, the metaverse, AR, VR, and more.

The event will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Centre from the 29th to 31st July 2022. To learn more and buy tickets, visit — The Event page.




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