RLTY World X Paris Blockchain Week: The Metaverse Conference

4 min readApr 4, 2023

Last week, Paris was the epicenter of web3, the metaverse and blockchain. For the CEOs, founders, creatives and thought-leaders who made it through the strikes and apprehension on the streets, the world’s most beautiful blockchain conference was overflowing with workshops, panels and keynotes. Algorand, Consensys, Hbar, The Sandbox, Ripple, Reddit, Ledger, LVMH, Solana, Rosie Labs, the Web3 Foundation and more were all in town. Energy was high.

If you weren’t in Paris, here’s a quick summary of what Team RLTY got up to. Tl:dr? We built a virtual twin of the Paris Blockchain Conference in our private metaverse RLTY World, hosted a live auction in collaboration with Sotheby’s, simultaneously live streamed keynote speeches from three stages and created a virtual Web3 Talent Fair featuring some of the biggest names in blockchain. And we did all that in French. OK, we didn’t do it in French. But we could have.

RLTY World

The piece de resistance (that’s French for ‘showpiece’) was the Paris Blockchain Metaverse Experience in RLTY World. A digital twin of the physical event, it featured a range of interactive and immersive experiences, accessible instantly in a web browser, from anywhere in the world. As well as using avatars from Ready Play Me to explore the event and meet sponsors, HR recruiters, marketing representatives, job seekers (and LinkedIn’s John Kraski) could use any of the 20 private virtual rooms — all with geospatial sound capabilities, avatar tracking, and a full range of video and audio tools — to network and collaborate. Now that is metaverse event utility.


Sotheby’s is the oldest and largest auction house in the world. It was also the first auction house to sell NFTs and have a shop in Decentraland. So you can imagine how proud we were to collaborate with them on an NFT auction during Paris Blockchain Week. We built a virtual environment in RLTY World exclusively for the event. There, Sotheby’s exhibited artworks by the likes of Beeple, Julien Rivoire and Brinkman.

Look how beautiful the space is. If we were digital artists, we’d live there.

Art collectors could bid on 66 NFTs (they could do this on Sotheby’s website or in RLTY World) from both established and up-and-coming digital artists. The auction and event was also streamed live on screens at the Sotheby’s auction house in Paris. Now you’re wondering: what was the most expensive piece of art sold?

Featuring Artwork by Anyma, Eternity Lot sold for 50,800 EUR

The $69,300,000.00 MetaKovan paid for Beeple’s 5,000 Days wasn’t quite eclipsed in the auction, but there were some noticeable and impressive sales. Anyma’s Eternity (pictured) sold for €50,800 and art from Carlos Marcial and Ryan Koopmans went for over €20,000.

RLTY Web3 Talent Fair

That’s a lot to do in one week, isn’t it? But we’re not finished. We also created and hosted a Web3 Talent Fair in RLTY World. Sorare, Binance, Ripple, Ledger, The Sandbox and Nasdaq were all hiring the best talent and they needed a virtual world for their HR departments. Students, graduates and job-seekers used our virtual stands to connect with recruiters and apply for jobs. Away from the noise and networking of the main event, the Talent Fair was a demonstration of the power of virtual events that we’re sure to see more of at more conferences around the world.

RLTY is very proud of what we accomplished at Paris Blockchain Week. We didn’t sleep, but we demonstrated the importance of metaverse events. There is no question virtual environments provide an exciting way to host events. They break down barriers and allow people from all over the world to come together, regardless of geography, economic position or culture. We have stats from PBW to prove it.

Our suite of analytical tools that tracked visitor numbers to RLTY World monitored:

- Attendees from 55 countries

- Average time spent at the event 36 minutes and 32 seconds

- Overall time spent at the event hitting 210 hours and 21 minutes

- A total of 387 unique attendees

- Finally, 59 concurrent attendees at pick.

And if that isn’t reason enough to do it all again next year, we don’t know what is. Were you in Paris? Did you visit our stand?

Let us know what you thought in the comments.


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