RLTY x The Fabricant x World of Women join forces with an unprecedented 3-day metaverse event

The future of fashion is digital. Who’s ready to walk the metaverse runway?

The biggest digital fashion event of the year

If you want to learn more about the industry, showcase your talents, and network in the digital fashion world, this is the event for you. The 3-day expedition in the metaverse will feature some of the biggest names merging fashion and technology.

VIP Area reserved for Crypto Purse holders

POAPs, VIPs, and NFT Wearables For All

You read that right. WoW POAPs. You’ll have to pay close attention to our socials if you want to grab one 👀. Somewhere deep in the Synth Ave fashion headquarters, a POAP dispenser will be waiting for lucky attendees to collect NFTs and enjoy.

RSVP for the event

Reserve your ticket for the 3-Day Digital Fashion event here.



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RLTY is the Metaverse Event Company. We are building the infrastructure of Events in the Metaverse 🌐🚀