RLTY x The Fabricant x World of Women join forces with an unprecedented 3-day metaverse event

4 min readSep 14, 2022


The future of fashion is digital. Who’s ready to walk the metaverse runway?

RLTY is proud to announce an unprecedented digital fashion experience alongside two web3 fashion giants: The Fabricant and World of Women. The global metaverse fashion event will take place over three days, from 20–22 September 2022.

In case you didn’t know, The Fabricant is a world-class digital fashion studio housed in Amsterdam. They are pioneering the future of fashion, boasting past projects with big names like Adidas, Puma, and Under Armour.

World of Women (WoW) is one of the world’s most famous NFT collections. The WoW community, made up of thousands of eager web3 digital fashionistas, is built on celebrating inclusivity and equal opportunities for all.

WoW and The Fabricant teamed up for a groundbreaking collaboration, showcasing a 27-piece digital fashion collection with the aim to bring women and fashion to the metaverse.

The biggest digital fashion event of the year

If you want to learn more about the industry, showcase your talents, and network in the digital fashion world, this is the event for you. The 3-day expedition in the metaverse will feature some of the biggest names merging fashion and technology.

RLTY will host the event in Decentraland, centered around a custom-created fashion headquarters. Guests can look forward to educational panels on digital fashion from the World of Women, The Fabricant, and other industry icons, as well as music and entertainment.

A live video stream will accompany the main event on day one, Tuesday, 20 September, and the educational panel discussion on 21 September.

The Fashion headquarters, “Synth Ave”, is inspired by the famous New York fashion street Fifth Ave. Developed by the RLTY team, the sprawling Synth Ave will showcase World of Women NFTs along the walls, among other web3 goodies and secrets.

Around the building, carefully-curated WoW x Fabricant family designers will be setting up pop-up shops to showcase their unique art and collectibles.

VIP Area reserved for Crypto Purse holders

POAPs, VIPs, and NFT Wearables For All

You read that right. WoW POAPs. You’ll have to pay close attention to our socials if you want to grab one 👀. Somewhere deep in the Synth Ave fashion headquarters, a POAP dispenser will be waiting for lucky attendees to collect NFTs and enjoy.

Are you an event panelist, designer, or WoW member? RLTY has constructed a state-of-the-art VIP area to bring together world-class digital fashion designers and material creators.

Now on to one of our favorite parts of the event.

To kick off a fantastic event, The Fabricant launched 27 Decentraland original looks in collaboration with World of Women on OpenSea. Yup, you can buy one now. The looks will be featured as 3D rotating Dispensers on display within the Synth Ave building.

Eventgoers can buy the different Decentraland original looks directly at the dispensers using Decentraland’s native token MANA.

The 27 fashion looks will be part of a 1000-piece collection. The collaboration also includes 1000 The Fabricant x WoW crypto purses and a limited edition supernova purse. A “photo booth” will be available for taking pictures (or screenshots) of your new and improved metaverse avatar look!

Get ready for one of the largest collaborations in digital fashion. Stay tuned to RLTY, The Fabricant, and World of Women socials leading up to the event. There is more news to come about side events, contests, prizes, and more for the 3-day extravaganza.

This is the showcase of the future of fashion. The future of fashion is digital. If you care about fashion, technology, web3, and the environment, you won’t want to miss this event!

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