The Bull Case For Metaverse Events Grows As RLTY Brings The Biggest NFT Conference In Europe To Decentraland

5 min readApr 18, 2022

On April 12th Metaverse Event Company RLTY, in partnership with Paris NFT Day, brought Europe’s largest NFT conference to Decentraland. Attendance and participation shine a light on the bull case for metaverse events in 2022.

Using their custom suite of metaverse building tools, RLTY created an online version of Paris NFT Day which gave a glimpse of what lies ahead for virtual events. The biggest success was visitor numbers. 3300 people attended, doubling Decentraland average DAU figures and catapulting RLTY into the top of Decentraland events.

Metaverse Event breaks down geographical barriers

Using analytical data taken from their own tools and Decetraland’s own measurements, RLTY confirmed visitors from over 100 countries descended on the metaverse edition of Paris NFT Day. Over 200 unique users came from Hong Kong, The United States, France, Singapore, Taiwan, India and China. In smaller numbers, they came from Bolivia, Bangladesh, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Cambodia and Egypt.

Breaking into the top of Decentraland events for attendance is an achievement for RLTY, the length of time visitors stayed is a triumph for Metaverse events. Visitors from Peru spent an average of 79 minutes. Avatars from the UAE spent 60 minutes, Ireland 49 minutes and France 41 minutes respectively. The global average was 19 minutes.

The proof is in the data. Whether geographical, financial, political, or social, the Metaverse removes barriers and gives the world a new, immersive way to connect and hold events.

They Came For The Metaverse NFT Conferences

Animoca Brands CEO Robby Young — Fresh off the news Animoca were partnering with Yuga Labs to build a BAYC metaverse — headlined Paris NFT Day. He was supported by the biggest stars in web3, including Sebastien Borget, Co-founder of the Sandbox, Emin Gun Sirer, CEO of Ava Labs, Benoit Pagotto, Co-founder of RTFKT as well as artists, musicians, founders and collectors from across the NFT space.

The objective of the conferences was clear: learn about the commercial applications and value offerings of NFTs and Web3 technology, and understand how digital ownership — and a future of interoperability and community — is disrupting art, gaming, fashion, luxury, sport and education.

RLTY visitors got to experience the Paris NFT Day conferences streamed live. With tickets for Paris NFT Day costing nearly €1000, demand for the free Metaverse event was understandably large. 3,278 individual live streams were recorded.

This is only the beginning of what Metaverse events can offer the world, as RLTY co-founder Zack Sabban said “We were blown away by the attendance and engagement, by not totally surprised. The Metaverse is happening, people want events. This is just the beginning!”

The Metaverse RLTY Experience

On arrival, guests entered the Welcome Area and signed the guestbook. 3280 people acquired a POAP (‘Proof of Attendance Protocol’) giving immutable proof they were at Paris NFT Day in the metaverse.

The Metaverse Networking Potential

Away from the glitz and glamour of the Conference Room, The RLTY Sponsor Room showcased the networking potential of a Metaverse event in real-time. Very much a digital representation of the sponsorship booths in Paris, 100 media companies, and over 50 sponsors — including Bybit, Ripple, DFNS, Celsius, COnsensys, Algorand and Socios — were on hand.

Mixing freely, avatar attendees could ask questions, add value to networks, cement existing relationships, build new ones and find the facilitators of their NFT, Metaverse or web3 Project.

“I missed out on NFT.NYC, I didn’t want to miss out on this. This is what the Metaverse is all about.”- Visitor to RLTY Decentraland

Digital Wearables and Metaverse Merchandise

Jeweled crowns, Dolce & Gabbana jackets, RFKT hoodies and next-gen Fewocious sneakers. Virtual fashion gives a new utility to NFTs, allowing owners to flex their worth and advertise their cultural allegiance. When true metaverse interoperability becomes more widely available, virtual fashion will be seen crossing between platforms.

The RLTY Merchandise Room saw the phenomenon play out. 20 thousand pieces of digital fashion, including 10,000 Paris NFT Day t-shirts and 10,000 RLTY caps were snapped up in a matter of hours.

Paris NFT Day Metaverse Summary & Stats

The removal of geographical barriers, the ability for anyone, anywhere, to join like-minded people at a global event, share ideas and learn is one of the driving forces of metaverse adoption in 2022. As the partnership between RLTY and Paris NFT Day showed, that virtual world is here, the bull case for Metaverse events growing.

3,297 total participants

  • 3,278 live streams
  • 3,280 POAP collected
  • Wearables — 20k minted
  • Paris NFT Day T-shirt — 10k collected
  • RLTY Cap — 10k collected
  • Visitors from 100 countries
  • Av. time in the venue — 19 minutes
  • Hong Kong = 12 mins / 13% total participants
  • United States of America = 15 mins / 12% total participants
  • France = 41 mins / 8% total participants
  • Other avg time in other countries includes:
  • Peru = 1h 9 minutes
  • United Arab Emirates = 1h
  • Ireland = 49 minutes
  • Israel = 37 minutes
  • Saudi Arabia = 28 minutes
  • United Kingdom = 19 minutes

About RLTY

RLTY is a collective of metaverse early adopters contributing to the growing metaverse ecosystem by building easy-to-use, codeless infrastructure tools which brands and events can use to build virtual spaces in any of the leading metaverse platforms.

Committed to bringing metaverse Events to the mainstream, RLTY partners with event organizers across music, arts, conference, fashion, and business, their goal is to onboard as wide and diverse an audience as possible to virtual experiences and events in the Metaverse.

To learn more about RLTY visit —

About Paris NFT Day

Part of the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, Paris NFT Day is a contemporary European event bringing together all parts of the NFT ecosystem. Paris NFT Day is a community-focused gathering, aiming to spread the word of digital asset creation and ownership, and help to educate and onboard newcomers to the space.


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