The Top 5 Biggest Metaverse Events Trends So Far in 2022

5 min readAug 10, 2022


This summer, mainstream media coverage of the metaverse quieted down. But don’t let that fool you; the metaverse and digital events space has been innovating and growing nonstop. More events than ever before are adding web3 and metaverse components, if not hosting full-fledged digital events. Let’s take a deep dive into the top metaverse event trends in 2022.

Thousands of individuals, brands, and corporations are flowing into the metaverse space. With so many new users, digital experiences are changing fast. Hold on to your seatbelt — we’re here to update you on the hottest metaverse event trends of the year.

5 — POAPs

What is a POAP? POAP stands for proof of attendance protocol. They are unique NFTs given to attendees of an event to prove they attended. These POAPs can be given out for IRL or metaverse events but have been gaining popularity over the year’s first half.

You can think of POAPs almost as a digital event resume of immutable proof. It shows others where you’ve been. Attended the 2014 FIFA World Cup? Show us your POAP.

However, proof of attendance is not its only use. Events and brands can also use POAPs to create long-term relationships with attendees (NFT owners). With a wallet address behind them, POAPs can be used for airdrops, bonus experiences, subsequent NFTs, and further access long after the event has passed.

POAPs are also great for event organizers. Instead of managing mailing lists with low open rates, these NFTs allow a real connection to the attendees. Organizers gearing up for next year’s event know how valuable this can be.

4 — Digital Wearables

Digital wearables are the best way to customize your digital avatar and stand out in the virtual world.

Wearables are NFTs, and a digital wearable can be anything from a shirt to a watch or bracelet. just like flexing in the real world, price and rarity matter. Major brands like Gucci, Nike, and Adidas, to name just a few, have been dedicating teams to building collections for the metaverse.

What does this mean for events?

Metaverse event organizers are creating exclusive wearables, sometimes doubling as POAPs, to give or sell to their attendees. Wearables can be a great marketing tool for organizers and event sponsors as attendees wear the event merch around the metaverse.

Meta events are also a great place for popup shops for brands and companies to sell wearables to the attendees and a fun add-on for any attendee at a conference.

3 — NFT Galleries

Similar to wearable shops, events are a great place for NFT galleries. Often attendees have extra time after checking in before a presentation or concert to explore the space, making them the perfect customer for these NFT galleries. More complimentary spaces and experiences are being added to events, and NFT galleries seem close to the top of the list.

Recently at the NFT Expoverse in Los Angeles, we at RLTY built a curated NFT gallery. More info on that event here.

2 — Metaverse Events as a Compliment to IRL

If you’re a follower of RLTY, it’s no surprise that we are excited about the immersion between IRL and Metaverse events. We think they should not only co-exist but also complement each other.

As it stands, this seems to be the way metaverse events are heading, and we cannot be more excited about it. More event organizers are using the Metaverse to add experiences such as NFT galleries, wearables, and POAPs, as well as live integrations with the IRL events.

Last month, the Metaverse Summit was hosted in Paris — an international convention showcasing creativity and technological advancements in the metaverse space.

RLTY hosted the Metaverse Summit, bringing together the real-world experience and the digital. We created a 4-story Pyramid shaped structure. It was filled with networking opportunities, NFTs, and big screens to stream live footage of the talks and conferences on the main stage.

Check out the preview below and read our full recap here.

1 — Live Streaming

Livestreaming — The most prevalent trend in metaverse events this year. This means that attendees in the metaverse can watch a live stream of events happening at their real-life counterparts. Organizers have built virtual replicas of events and more extravagant metaverse spaces for attendees to enjoy speakers, roundtable discussions, and videos in real-time.

RLTY believes in live streaming as an incredibly powerful use case for the metaverse. As we have stated before, metaverse events are NOT a complete replacement for real-life events but a powerful tool that can enhance an event’s overall experience.

Live streaming allows attendees to not miss out on key speakers and components of the event experience. The metaverse also allows attendees to interact with one another during these live streams, enhancing the networking experience. Live streaming is a great value add to any metaverse event for attendees and organizers alike, making it our favorite trend of the year.

Looking to host your next IRL or digital event in the metaverse? Contact us at RLTY to learn how.




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