Why The Next Generation Of Brands and Content Creators Will Leverage Community Tools In Virtual Worlds

4 min readJun 13, 2023


“The metaverse is here, and it’s not only transforming how we see the world but how we participate in it — from the factory floor to the meeting room.” — Microsoft CEO Satya Nadelia

If you are a brand, influencer or web3 content creator, you face a daunting task: building, curating and keeping your community engaged. When the next NFT drop, brand or creator is a click away, if you’re not being special — if you don’t stand out — you’re being ignored.

Current social media platforms are not designed for the level of community experience the future internet demands. They are dated, limited. Yes, they have a place. If you can break through the noise, you can build traction. But then what? Instagram is passive. Tik-Tok is an algorithmic crapshoot. Facebook? It’s not 2009. Twitter threads and a thousand Discord channels don’t give you maximum creative freedom; they don’t reflect your philosophy, personality or product. Most strikingly, you can’t fascinate your audience on a personal level.

Time for an update. If you want to be seen, if you want to stand out, get your community to play, learn, share, collaborate and network in 3D environments. Add video, audio, geospatial sound and interactive objects to the mix and you have brand-building dynamite; an unparalleled level of immersion that promotes deeper connections among all members.

Let’s look at it through the lens of an influencer, web3 native brands and traditional web2 business.

RLTY x Degen: Degen City

Virtual World Community Tools For Influencers

Influencers and creators with a sizable audience have an advantage as they can move quickly. Today. Choices are many. Low hanging fruit? Use virtual world community tools to host talks, Q&A sessions and meet-and-greets. Alternatively, they could develop brand-collaborations to add authority, sponsorship opportunities and sales. Essentially taking concepts that exist and igniting them with more immersion and interactivity.

Entertainment is the life-blood of a successful influencer in the attention economy. Capitalizing on virtual worlds, a forward thinking influencer could bring their closest followers into games, participate in co-collaborative creative endeavors — write songs, films, stories together. The limit is really in the imagination of the creator.

RLTY x Cristobal Balenciaga x Animal Concert: New Code at Metaverse Fashion Week

Virtual World Community Tools For Web3 Brands

Web3 native brands, NFT collections and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are, of course, at the front of the queue. Some, like RTFKT, Xcopy, Gmoney and Devcom are already leveraging virtual worlds to create unique experiences — token-gated content, NFTs, POAPS, exclusive merchandise and avatar customisation.

But it’s not just influencers and web3 brands that can leverage virtual worlds and their community tools. Sports teams (Manchester City), fashion brands (Metaverse Fashion Week), musicians, athletes and traditional business can, and are, getting in on the act. And you don’t have to be Nike or Adidas to make an impact.

RLTY’s Virtual HQ

Virtual World Community Tools for Corporations

Imagine a corporation with a significant remote staff that relies on Zoom and email for communication. Ok, great. But limited. Now imagine they use 3D customized spaces for internal events, training sessions, team-building activities, product launches, hackathons, virtual pitches and networking events. Doesn’t that sound infinitely better?

But why temporary? At RLTY, we build for the long game. Our latest offering gives companies the option to turn their customized space into a permanent addition to the company. A virtual HQ, an enduring and editable office space — accessible at any time — that can be repurposed to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of the digital age.

And the customization doesn’t stop there. Smaller budget, more modest ambition? Virtual worlds have no real size limit. A company could create a small metaverse where employees, management and the C-Suite can converge and collaborate in real-time, cutting budgets, travel expenses and lowering the company environmental impact as they do.

There are barriers to overcome: user-friendly interfaces, robust communication tools, and seamless integration with existing workflows are critical to fostering adoption.

Again, at RLTY, we’re building to overcome the hurdles. We use the most advanced technology in VR, cloud computing, blockchain and game engines. You can customize your world, deploy and test your experience, then market and monetize your space with NFT ticketing, merchandise, digital wearables and collectibles. So you can finetune and improve everything for your community, you can access analytics data and collect CRM data on attendees.

Virtual worlds have the potential to revolutionize community tools, offering immersive and interactive environments where individuals can come together, play, share knowledge, collaborate, and network. Is your community ready?

If you’re excited about where you can go and what your brand can build, get in touch. Email us at — marketing@rlty.live or connect on Twitter — https://twitter.com/RLTY_Live




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