Conference rooms & the metaverse: what it means for your job

4 min readSep 9, 2022

For many, the metaverse is nothing more than a place to explore and play games. But that may not be the case forever. For fully remote workers, the metaverse already provides genuinely useful workplace tools. And we are only at the beginning. Metaverse conference rooms will soon take over the current, impersonal video conferencing model, and remote work will look very different in 2030.

Metaverse tools will save companies time and money and drive engagement. The remote company’s incentive to facilitate more metaverse interactions within the workplace is clear. We cannot predict the next 5–10 years of development, but we can de-mystify what working in the metaverse looks like today.

The Future of Work in the Metaverse

We’ll start with what isn’t reasonable yet, to show you what the mature metaverse workplace might look like.

Some of this might look unrealistic, but with one of the largest organizations in the world (Meta) making it their primary focus, we aren’t really in a position to tell you it can’t be done. Check out this video from Meta on what we could be heading towards.

This vision that combines A/R, V/R, and what can only be described as Iron Man-looking capabilities seems a little far-fetched. Also, for many of your jobs, the ability to spin a V/R 3D model around your desk won’t be needed, but still pretty cool looking.

If Zuckerberg has his way, you will need a headset to work in the metaverse, which right now seems fairly inconvenient for most people. More on Zuck in a minute.

Presenting Work in the Metaverse

Although most of the video above seems more like a sci-fi movie than a workplace, it touches on one key benefit of working in the metaverse: presentations.

If you’ve worked in an office setting, you’ve probably had to give a presentation of some kind, and in some jobs, these occur daily. If you were working during peak Covid times, you probably also know that giving presentations using video conferencing tools like Zoom just doesn’t work as well as a presentation IRL.

The presenter can’t interact with the room in the same way. There is no eye contact. They can’t field questions in real-time nor use physical props and visual aids in dynamic ways.

In the metaverse, however, all of this is possible. Metaverse presentations can be quickly recorded, just like Zoom and Google Meet, so attendees can play them back later to remind themselves of critical details.

In a more obvious way, metaverse presentations don’t require everyone to gather in the same room physically. Yet, they still allow every participant to feel physically present in a dynamic environment. This forgoes a lot of logistical challenges and costs.

Teamwork/Collaboration in the Metaverse

In addition to presentations, the metaverse allows you to collaborate in the same space with your teammates. This can be incredibly powerful for those in more collaborative and creative roles. Instead of waiting until physical schedules line up, teams can jump in for quick brainstorms anytime in a genuinely collaborative environment.

The metaverse is a great way to keep everyone engaged in teamwork by utilizing different spaces, movements, and interactive options instead of just sitting on a standard group call. We know everyone is guilty of browsing other pages on a more extensive group call.

If you want to host a meeting in the metaverse, you can create custom conference rooms or rent professionally designed ones.

Recreating the Office Experience in the Metaverse

What is current remote work culture lacking? The water cooler chat. Maybe we don’t miss that meaningless weather talk. But there is something to be said about bonding with teammates over everyday conversations. These are difficult to recreate over a video call.

The metaverse allows workers to operate in a more dynamic digital environment, allowing remote companies to mirror that sensation of “bumping into” a coworker.

Apart from organic conversation, metaverse platforms bring status tracking (who’s online) into the workplace so you don’t have to check Slack to see if someone’s online when your 5 minutes into a meeting.

At RLTY, we’re also excited about the emergence of breaks/entertainment spaces where companies can host lunch breaks, happy hours, and workshops.

Workplace Training and Education In the Metaverse

Who enjoys training in the workplace? The answer is no one.

A metaverse platform offers a better experience for new employee training and ongoing education courses. And companies are already doing it.

Participating in an environment that requires spatial awareness or a more enhanced sensory experience feels much more natural. Not only will employees walk away feeling less fatigued, they will likely retain the information better.

Looking to host a workplace in the metaverse? Try RLTY, the go-to metaverse event company for brands and corporations.




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